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"I have two loves when it comes to skating: Filming/photography and fast, technical riding. Skateboarding has always been a big thing for me and I love to push myself to improve in all aspects of the sport.


Skaters who have influenced me? I'd say Axel Serrat, Bruno Sirera and the ever prevalent Adam Colton.


Favourite skatepark is a tricky one to answer,  but Sidmouth is the local one that I feel most comfortable at. Overall favourite skate spot could be the end of the Sidmouth promenade or 'Ranch' (a nice slide hill)".

"If you're a skateboarder your perception of the world is so different. If you're driving down the street or walking somewhere completely new - instead of seeing pathways or steps you're seeing spots to skate!


There are too many skateboarders who have influenced me over my 15 years of skating. I have been lucky to skate with the likes of Tom Penny, Chad Muska and P-Rod to name just a few. I would like to believe each of their individual styles have helped shape the way I skate today! My favourite skater to date is Bastien Salabanzi.


My top spots to skate are all over the world, places like Barcelona and California, but living in Exeter I just head to the local skate park (Flower Pots) and practice a few basics."

"I'm Alice and I love watching the Antihero team, although ramp/vert isn't my strong point, I just enjoy watching their skating and seeing their attitudes towards it!


The people around me are by far the people who have had the most influence on me and my style. They are constantly teaching me and pushing me to progress.


There aren't really any spots I love in my local area as places to skate are limited, but I love skating Hereford, Unit 3sixty and my local Brintons!"

“I probably got into skating when I was around 13/14, that’s when my friends starting to get into it and I decided I wanted in. Having friends to regularly skate with contributes considerably to why I do it, always pushing you to land tricks and influencing each other's styles, they’ve probably influenced me the most while we’ve been skating.


My main style tends to swing towards old school tricks, I'm also a fan of any manual ever!


As far as skate spots go, the car parks in and around Exeter are pretty fantastic, the local esplanade and skatepark are also regular spots."

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