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The DeLuxe

Introducing the DeLuxe! These 60s inspired cruisers are made from one solid piece of European Oak, topped with a sheet of joined veneer. Each one is shaped by hand in the UK and boasts an exclusive combination of colours and pattern in its top layer. Combined with the fact that every board is individually numbered, no two will ever be the same.


These elegant skateboards have a shape inspired by the Adolf Kiefer Big Wheeler boards of the 1960's, and just like those old classics, our boards have their graphic on the top. Riding them without griptape makes them perfect for bare foot cruising (lovely by the beach!) and because the graphic is laser engraved into the wood there is no danger of it scratching off.


Whilst these decks are not designed with modern tricks in mind, if you are searching for a truly special hand crafted skateboard with some oldschool 'sidewalk surfer' flair, then you need a DeLuxe!


L: 25"

W: 7"

WB: 13"


Drilled oldschool.

DeLuxe Gallery

ReVert Series

The ReVert Series is our take on the Street/Park deck. Hurtle has

experimented with this style of board since our early days, but

our love of natural wood grains meant we never put printed

graphics on them. We made each as a separate

project, with different materials every time

and designs engraved into

the wood.

With the 2016 announcement  

that Skateboarding would be added

to the Olympic Games, we decided to move

our street decks in a more practical direction and in

line with what skaters were used to. Less like an art piece,

more standardised in terms of construction and ready to shred.


Roughly one year later, after extensive research and many tweaks to

the plan, the ReVert Series was ready to launch. Each board is individually

pressed to ensure consistency. As we are a European brand it is important to us

that these decks are produced in Europe. All waste material from production is recycled.

ReVerts are available in different widths, as we know every skater has their own preferences.


ReVert Graphics

The RePlay

"Hurtle Skateboards as a brand owes its existence to one board more than any other - the one I first learnt to skate on; a handmade deck bought at an English village fair in the 70s. That deck (previously belonging to my uncle) was what got me hooked on skating, classic surfy shapes and the thought that simplicity in design is sometimes the best way forward. Sadly that first board suffered a large split in the nose during a crash early in my skating days, and has since been retired as a wall piece. I have always wanted to recreate it, but it wasn’t until I started work on this kit with Roarockit that I had the chance to do it justice.


Skateboarding and a DIY mentality have gone hand in hand since somebody cut a roller skate in half and screwed it to a piece of scrap wood to create the first board. For me this kit has brought things full circle, allowing me to recreate my old deck and

hopefully allowing others to experience the same fun those early skaters had making and riding their boards.


When it came time to choose a name for this deck I wanted something that would convey an important message. In this age of boards with integrated wheel flares, triaxial E-glass and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene layers: a simple oldschool deck is still just as much fun now as the boards that were being ridden 40-50 years ago.


The RePlay.


It is not a new design. It does not have the latest technology. It is one of the most entertaining boards I have ever ridden."


- Chris White, Hurtle founder





The RePlay Kit is a collaboration with Roarockit - creators of the TAP bag (Thin Air Press) used in the construction of skateboard and longboard decks. Designed by us at Hurtle as part of Roarockit's Collab Series, the RePlay kit allows you to create a classic 70s surf-influenced board that is easy and quick to build.


L: 28"

W: 7"

WB: 14"

Rocker: 0.75"


Drilled oldschool.


For help and more information on the RePlay kit, click HERE.