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A passion for travel meant that Hurtle-founder Chris White had a slightly unconventional introduction to the skateboarding world. Starting out as a long distance skater, he participated in events such as the Goodwood Roller Marathon and a 200 mile push in the UK from Birmingham to Exeter, via Wales, to raise money for charity. In 2012 he successfully completed a self supported 1000km push around The Netherlands, and has continued to travel (skateboard underfoot) ever since.


Whether cruising a seafront in South Africa, shaping oldschool boards from bits of scrap wood in Greece, or just chilling in skateparks in the South of France: skateboards have always represented freedom and adventure to Chris.   



Starting in 2013, in a dusty garage in the South West of England, Hurtle Skateboards came into existence through a desire to create beautiful things. Boards that would make you stop and look for a minute because they were just a bit different. Smooth lines, stunning colour combinations and a classic surfy style - skateboards that their owners could treasure, and that would take riders everywhere on new adventures.

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Where we are today...

Hurtle is a brand which continues to grow and look forward, but which remains true to its roots: skater owned and operated.


Our clothing line complements the hand shaped boards and limited edition decks we produce. We take pride in providing Streetwear that embodies a passion for adventure, skateboarding and creativity; drawing inspiration from cultures across the world.


As we move ever onwards, we will continue to create both quality clothing and beautiful boards, supporting fellow skaters and adventurers as we do so.

Skate. Explore. Discover.

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